Guitar Lessons, Bass & Drum Lessons

Guitar, Bass & Drum Lessons

Guitar Teacher

Bob Williams – Guitar, Bass & Drums

Guitar Lessons are taught by Bob Williams at East Cooper Music. His method book helps students starting with chords and scales, getting into more music theory, learning notes on the guitar.

Lessons are taught typically one lesson a week in half hour or hour segments.

Lesson Structure

In teaching students for 30 years I have been successful for two main reasons. I teach students what they need to know and what they want to know. Students need to know how, and why when they play. This way they are having fun and know the music fundamentals to progress further. My program is dedicated to making each student into the best while playing the music they personally enjoy.

Performing Opportunities

In addition to weekly lessons, I encourage students to be a part of periodic student recitals and concerts. These live performances give the student a feel of what it’s really like to play in a group or with another player. This builds confidence and is highly motivational.


If desired, you may receive a make-up lesson if you need to miss but I must be notified a day in advance. The time is reserved for you. The first introductory lesson is free and scheduled at your convenience to tour my studio and meet me personally.